Two Deaths in A Row...  

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I think I just recover from my recent heartbreak...But it looks like it's not going to end there...

When I went to the hatchery last Friday, I cried when I saw one of my terrapin died...It was floating, breathless...I couldn't control myself...and I cried..(Again...hmm...I guess this is the cying month for me...The month of sadness..)

On Saturday, another one of the terrapin died...I don't know what else to say...May be this is the test that given by ALLAH, just to remind me...May be I did something wrong before this...May ALLAH forgive me for what I've done....Amin...

My Father, My Hero...  

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I guess it's not too late to wish my father a Happy Father's Day...This is the story about my faher...(Try to do it like in the English subject at school...Write an essay about your faher...hehe...)

My father is a Penghulu...He is going to be 50 on 18th August this year...To me, he is a very nice guy, although he can be very fierce sometimes...He likes to do things his way and he is very strict when it comes to work...That is why some people did not like him...

There are certain times when I heard people talking about him, in not a very nice way...It makes me feel so sad..How can you be happy when hearing people talking the bad things about your father...??To me, they can say whatever they want...I knew him better that anyone else because I knew him since the day I knew how to think..He was always there for me...Whenever I faced problems, he will stand up for me, giving me advise and helping me to go through it..

He taught me a lot of things...and I learned a lot from him...He taught me to believe in myself and do not let emotion control me...It' because of him I can be what I am matter what people said or thought about him, he is still my father, my hero...

It's Friday....  

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Last night I watched Full House till, this morning I was a bit dizzy...I don't know why whenever I feel depressed, I will watch that series...May be it can make me feel better...It do has calming effect on me...Or may be I just think that the story is just like mine...hehe...

Hmmm...Actually I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bosan...huhu...

The Day I Feel So Close To Nature...  

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"Never doubt that small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only things that ever has..."
-Margaret Mead

"When U see something that's wrong, no matter how big the problem is, think "Who else would like to change this?How can we work together?"
-UN Secretary- General Kofi Annan


Yes, we can't chage the world....but for me, at least we can make a difference...there are some people out there who always condemnened me when I said that I don't want a plastic bag to put my things whenever I shopped...For them, it's nothing..but to me, it means a lot...for me, that is my small contribution towards saving our planet...but there are certain people who really didn't care..they said, if it's only me who are doing this, it will not going to make any difference...but trust me..if u do it...then, people will follow u...why don't u start with influencing ur family members to join u...for starting, try to lower the usage of plastic bags at your home...and try to use the biodegradable plastic bags for your garbage...remember, at least we try to do somethings for our planet...not just sitting there and doing nothing but complain...rite...???

The Day I Feel Like an Idiot...  

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Dear diary,

What hv I done...??? why do I still hope for something that will never happen...??? why is it hard for me to get over the person who really doesn't care about me, about my feeling anymore...???



Alhamdulillah, he got the job...and why am I feeling happy for him...??? why...??

why can't I just hate him...???

Does he knows how hurt I am when I looked at his comment...??

Does he knows how much I suffer, trying to forget him....??

Does he knows how much pain I go through since I knew about this....??

Does he knows that he broke my heart into pieces when I read the words I LOVE U FOREVER that he wrote for another woman....????

Does he knows that...???

All I wanted is an it hard to do...???

Am I just too stupid to still hope for him....????

Mahakarya Cinta..  

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Begitu berat melangkah…
melihat kau bersamanya
adakah aku yg salah
atau hanya helah saja

ku masih mencintai diri kamu
bila kau menjauh
ku rindu

kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta …

biarpun kau tidak mahu
menerima kasih daku
ku kan setia bersama mu
sehingga ke akhir waktu

ku masih menyayangi diri kamu
bila kau berlalu
ku rindu ..

kau bagaikan udara
yang membantu aku untuk terus hidup diatas dunia
tanpamu ku lemah
pasti aku tak berdaya
kerna kau maha karya cinta

kau takkan dapat aku lupakan
kerna kau lah punca cinta kita
mengajar aku erti bahagia
kembalilah ..
terimalah pesan daku
yang akan terus menunggu …

My Precious Gifts...  

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Although I’m having a hard time rite now, I feel very grateful because I’m not going through this alone...

I am very lucky to have a family that will always stand by me… no matter what happened, they will always be there for me…they will never let me down and never even let me feel lonely although they’re not with me rite now…they are my strength….

I am also very grateful for having such a great friends with me…when I think about what one of my friend did to me, I nearly cried…he is one of my best friend...but there are some people who don’t understand and always misunderstood our feelings…he’s been a wonderful and great friend to me…and I’m touched by his kindness and sacrifices…there was a time when I was having a problem with a guy because of him, he was willing to put a distant between us…but he said to me..keep in mind that although we are no longer talking to each other, we are still friends and our friendship will never die...he tried to make me hate him so that I won’t speak with him anymore…so that I will not be having any more problems with the guy that I was with at that time…and now when I’m no longer with the guy, he came to me again, giving me a shoulder to cry on…listening to my problems, giving me advise, and telling jokes that really lights up my day…

It’s not only him who is willing to lend me his ears, listening to my problem, and giving me advise…but all of my friends are with me now…they will never let me feeling down…although we are far away from each other, we will always stick together, no matter what…and I’m very grateful to be blessed by this precious gifts…and I promise that I will never take them for granted…I will always treasure their friendship and love…and no matter where I go or what I do, I will always love u guys…

Thanks for being a wonderful family and wonderful friends to me…