Hurt BIG Time...???  

Posted by: Nurul

Here's an article that I read in CLEO this October....I think I should share it with others as it helps me so much...

If your guy has cheated on you, dumped you or lied to you, then fighting with him about it is nor worth the effort. Save your anergy and try the following strategies which will help you be more successful at forgiving him so that you can let him go and move on:

  1. Identify the reasons your guy hurt you - e.g jealousy, lack of confidence, insensitive nature - this will help you stop taking it so personally when you remember the event and realise that the problem is with him and not you.
  2. Get in touch with the reasons why you find it hard to forgive him - e.g embarrassment, feeling used, wanting revenge - then remind yourself the best revenge is to be happy and not let him make you feel those negative emotions.
  3. Enact a ritual for letting go of the pain, e.g write a list or a letter outlining the many ways in which the hurtful event upset you and impacted on your life. Then burn or bury it as a symbol that this is in the past and you're putting in behind you.
  4. Don't focus on forgiving the act that hurt you but do focus on forgiving him for being so clueless, insensitive, etc.
  5. Do a visualisation where you bathe your boyfriend in light and think loving thoughts about him - really. This will help you feel better predisposed towards him and enhace your self-esteem by making you realise that you're a good person with a great capacity for love and kindness.


So, who said reading CLEO is just wasting my time huh..???

What is Breast Cancer..??  

Posted by: Nurul

Cells are the building blocks that make up breast tissue. Normally, cells grow and divide to form new cells in an orderly fashion, such as soon as cell is old, it dies and is replaced by a new one.

When new breast cells form unnecessarily and old cells do not die when they should, these extra cells form a mass of tissue called a tumour.

Cancerous tumours invade and damage sorrounding tissues and organs.

Cancer cells can break away from the primary tumour and enter the bloodstream and form new tumours in other parts of your body.

Breast cancer generally spreads to the lymph nodes near the breast...

For more information, check out this website:

Source: CLEO October Issue

I'm Going Pink for October..  

Posted by: Nurul

If you don't know, October is the Breast Cancer awareness Month...So, I'm going to change my page into pink to support the breast cancer awareness...

Last year, my friend's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer...It was at the worse state and she has to remove one of them...

During that time, I could see how she suffered....and that made me realized how unpredictable our life can be...Before this, she was very healthy....but within two weeks, everything changed...

Luckily she has a family who always support and encourage her to go through the operation, chemotheraphy sessions, and she finally survived....

She's getting better day by day...she always gives us advice on how to 
lead a healthy lifestyle...

She is willing to share her experience and knowledge about breast 
cancer....we're happy for her and we will always support her.....

If you want to know more about Pink for October, just go to the website:

What Goes Around Comes Around...  

Posted by: Nurul

I just finished my experiment this it means more time for me to think about myself and other things that I really didn't care before this...

And I've been doing a lot of thinking lately...

I mean A LOT....


I remember the time when we're young...Our teachers and parents always told us not to lie...

They would say....

"Jangan tipu....berdosa....nanti masuk neraka...."

And we were frightened...and made a promise never to lie to anyone....

But now, when we grow up, we often forget about that promise...

For some of us, it has been a habit to lie...lies become apart of our life....when we're late for classes, we will tell our lecturers that our car broke down....or our alarm went off.....

When we make mistakes, we will blame someone else...

When we're late to hand in our assignment, we will tell them that our computer got viruses...or our computer hang...or our computer blow out....

When our parents asked us where we are, we will tell them we're in the class or having group discussion while the truth is we're somewhere else, having fun...

So....why we always broke the promise we've made....???

Here's the situation....

You have a boyfriend and you love him so much that you would do anything for him...After helping him doing everything he asked you, you accidentally read his sms...saying that he misses his x-girlfriend....What do you feel....?? What would you do....????

If it's not enough, he lied to you again, saying that his X is married to other guy...How stupid are you to believe that after reading his sms....???

When you give him another chance, he keeps on lying to you that he doesn't have any feelings for his X anymore...while he still contacting her behind your back....

he just added you in his friendster after so long...and you saw a family picture....when you asked him whose picture is that, he just told you it's a secret...while you know that it's his X's photo....

He keeps on using you to do all his works, you become his punching bag...whenever he's angry with someone or something, he will let it out to you....All this time, he keeps telling you that he loves you...and wannna marry you...while he has chosen his X to be his wife....

Lastly, when he got all the things he wants...he tried to get away from you....he lied again...saying that he has family problems....his friendster and e-mail have been hacked....and that the hacker accidentally delete you from his list of friends in his friendster....and that his mother didn't like the photo of you and him in your friendster and asked you to delete it....while the truth is he didn't want his X to see that picture because he was planning to add her in his friends' list....

Well, all this while you know that he was lying...but he didn't know that you knew, to clean his name, he made up a story that you have been with someone as a couple during the first time you and him broke up....That's the reason why he didn't want stupid it is when everyone knows that you never had any relationship with that guy like what he accused..??? you and him was a close friend..that's all...

Then, when you realize that's too much...what would you do....???? How do you feel when you know that all this while, you're with the big fat liar....??? How would you react....???? Do you still think that he's worth it...???? Do you think that he deserve another chance....????

Think about it....

But to me....

If someone ever did that thing to me....I will never ever give him any chance....No Way....!!!
Who does he think he is...??

You can do something bad to other person today...but remember that one day, you'll get it back...
"What goes around, comes around..."

Somebody Hit My Sweetheart Yesterday...!!!!!  

Posted by: Nurul

I was on my way to Giant yerterday afternoon (Yes, we have a GIANT now in KT...hehe) when a kancil hit my sweetheart...

I stopped at the traffic light and saw a lady in her Kancil behind me...She was too near and suddenly I felt my car moved a bit...

I asked my friend..

"Keta aku mati ka...???rasanya cam dah free gear..."

I just pull the accelerator and feel the engine, my car wasn't 'mati'...

Then my other friend at the back said,

"keta makcik belakang ni dekat sangat la..."

I said...

"Dah kena la..."

The makcik behid me just reversed her car and I could see her face....soo frightened..but didn't even bother to get out to see what happened to my car @ just to appologize....

That was my fourth time being hit by a car...but none of them appologized....It' s sad....They even making face out of me...sometimes I feel like I just want to get out of my car and scream...

"Dah langgar kereta orang, at least mintak la maaf....!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That pissed me off....I know that nothing happened to my car....but could you at least come out and appologize..??You hit my car you know...

Inikah teladan yang baik untuk generasi akan datang...????

Nasi Daging Mama...  

Posted by: Nurul in many people asked me for the recipe...I cooked this nasik daging (or 'nasik dagin'....hehe...) last week for buka puasa....

I'm sooo lazy to write the I'll just upload it here...

Bahan untuk nasi

Serbuk kari daging (setengah bungkus untuk 4 cawan beras)
Serbuk kurma (setengah bungkus)
Bawang merah (5 biji)
Bawang putih (4 biji)
Halia (1 cm)
Kulit kayu manis
Bunga lawang n bunga cengkih
Daging (setengah kilo)


  1. Tumbuk bawang merah, bawang putih, dan halia...Masukkan separuh dalam campuran bancuhan rempah kari dan kurma dan tinggal sedikit untuk tumisan
  2. Tumis bahan-bahan tumbuk sampai kuning
  3. Masukkan rempah dan tunggu sampai pecah minyak
  4. Masukkan daging dan tutupkan tudung periuk
  5. Bila agak2 daging dah masak n keluar air, masukkan beras yang dah dibasuh
  6. Masukkan air mengikut sukatan
  7. Tunggu sampai masak
**kalau nak sedap lagi, tambah la daun sup dan daun bawang..kalau nak, bleh gak tambah garam...

Nasi daging ni kalau nak sedap, kna makan dengan dalca n air asam...


Bawang merah (5 biji)
Bawang putih (4 biji)
Halia (1 sm)
Bunga cengkih n bunga lawang
Kulit kayu manis
Serbuk kari daging
Ayam atau daging
Kacang panjang
kacang dal (rendam n rebus dulu sampai pecah @ lembut)
Ubi kentang
Daun sup
Daun bawang
Lobak merah

  1. Tumbuk bawang merah, bawang putih, halia....masuk separuh dalam bancuhan serbuk kari n tinggal separuh untuk tumisan
  2. Tumiskan bahan2 tumbuk sampai kuning
  3. Masukkan rempah kari n tunggu sampai pecah minyak
  4. Masukkan ayam @ daging n tunggu sampai masak @ air kering
  5. Masukkan kacang dal n santan
  6. Masukkan semua jenis sayuran yang ada, kecuali tomato
  7. Tunggu sampai mendidih, masukkan garam n tomato
  8. Taburkan daun sup n bawang
**Kalau nak sedap lagi, boleh goreng bawang merah n tuang atas dalca tersebut, sekali dengan minyak....

Air Asam

Cili besar (6 biji)
Cili api (6 biji)
Bawang merah (2 biji)
Bawang besar (1 biji)
Tomato (1 biji)
Air asam jawa
Limau nipis

  1. Sediakan air asam
  2. Tumbuk separuh cili api, cili besar, dan bawang merah...separuh lagi cili dipotong
  3. Potong tomato dan bawang besar (dadu)
  4. Gaulkan air asam dan belacan bersama garam dan gula
  5. Masukkan bahan2 yang telah ditumbuk dan gaul sampai sebati
  6. Masukkan bahan2 yang dah dipotong
  7. Perah air limau nipis

Selamat mencuba...!!!!!