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Posted by: Nurul

Here's an article that I read in CLEO this October....I think I should share it with others as it helps me so much...

If your guy has cheated on you, dumped you or lied to you, then fighting with him about it is nor worth the effort. Save your anergy and try the following strategies which will help you be more successful at forgiving him so that you can let him go and move on:

  1. Identify the reasons your guy hurt you - e.g jealousy, lack of confidence, insensitive nature - this will help you stop taking it so personally when you remember the event and realise that the problem is with him and not you.
  2. Get in touch with the reasons why you find it hard to forgive him - e.g embarrassment, feeling used, wanting revenge - then remind yourself the best revenge is to be happy and not let him make you feel those negative emotions.
  3. Enact a ritual for letting go of the pain, e.g write a list or a letter outlining the many ways in which the hurtful event upset you and impacted on your life. Then burn or bury it as a symbol that this is in the past and you're putting in behind you.
  4. Don't focus on forgiving the act that hurt you but do focus on forgiving him for being so clueless, insensitive, etc.
  5. Do a visualisation where you bathe your boyfriend in light and think loving thoughts about him - really. This will help you feel better predisposed towards him and enhace your self-esteem by making you realise that you're a good person with a great capacity for love and kindness.


So, who said reading CLEO is just wasting my time huh..???

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