Mission Impossible...  

Posted by: Nurul

2008 has come...and we're in the third week already...(Hmmm...talking about this really make me 'amuk'....pasai pa gaji aku x kuaq-kuaq lagi ntah...????)

One of my mission this year is to lose weight...Hahaha...I think I've been saying that since last year, isn't it..?? But the truth is I've been experiencing 'yo-yo diet' for the past few months...Why..??


I love to eat....I can't hardly past a single day without rice...I have to take at least one serving of rice per day...Or else, I will be like 'sotong' @ 'sayur'.....

So, how can I lose weight without having to control my appetite...??

I chose to do more cardio work....I go to aerobic class once a week, play tennis as often as I can, and go to gym...The result is pretty good...I can really feel the difference...My life was good so far...and I'm happy with it...

So, lantak la bila orang nak tanya all those 'killer' questions...:

  • Awat tembam sangat...???
  • Makan apa kat sana sampai jadi macam ni...???
  • Ambik ubat ka...???

The most important thing is I'm happy....I don't mess up with their life...so why don't they just get their b*** off mine..???

If someone just came to you and say, "Awak ni gemuk la..", what would you feel....??? So, before you open your mouth and say bad thing about others, just look at yourself first..OK...???


Lantak la aku nak tembam pon...

At least tak kaco orang, tak sakitkan ati orang..

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1 orang rajin komen...

relax la. baru bukan january. lama lagi nak kuruskan badan. aku ni pon xkurus-kurus pon lagi.


update la wei. takkan p bertapa nak kuruskan badan kot.

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