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Adopt a turtle...???

What's that...???

Most of us have heard about adopting a child, a cat @ a dog...But what about adopting a turtle..??? Sounds weird isn't it...???

Do you know that the TAMY (Turtle Aid Malaysia) (Formery known as SEATRU) have a programme called STOP (Sea Turtle Outreach Program). Under this program, we have :

  • Adopt-A-Turtle

  • Adopt-A-Nest

  • Adopt-A-Terrapin

scheme where the public can adopt a turtle, nest, @ terrapin in order to help raising fund for our research...By adopting one of these, the adopter will get a certificate, t-shirt, and postcard for each turtle @ nest @ terrapin adopted...You'll also get tax deduction for each adoption...

For more information, u can go to our website:


Tolongg...!!!!!Hawksbill ni nak gigit kepala aku...!!!

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weh..aku bukak link tu xbagitau pun camna na adopt turtle. teringin gak.nak details!!

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