2008 Wishlist...???  

Posted by: Nurul

Hmmm...Reading Cik Meh's blog just now reminded me about my wishlist for this year...

Hahaha...I have made the wishlist early this year...

Most of the wishes have been crossed...Well, that means I'm on the right track.. :)

Let's see what I have accomplished throughout this year...

Nurul's Wishlist for 2007:

  1. Register for M.Sc prog.
  2. Get my own NEW car.
  3. Go to Chagar Hutang.
  4. Touch a turtle.
  5. Change my wardrobe.
  6. Get a NEW handphone.
  7. Get a NEW laptop.
  8. Get engaged to my boyfriend (X-bf now).
  9. Finish at least 30% of my experiment.
  10. Go to Eye On Malaysia.

Hmm....not bad huh...???

Rite now I'm preparing the list for 2008...

Hmmm....shall I put

"Get a NEW boyfriend"

in the list....???????


We'll see....

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1 orang rajin komen...

wah..semua hampir tercapai neh.bagus2.aku punya banyak xtercapai tu yang xmau bbh.hahaha..

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