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"Never doubt that small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only things that ever has..."
-Margaret Mead

"When U see something that's wrong, no matter how big the problem is, think "Who else would like to change this?How can we work together?"
-UN Secretary- General Kofi Annan


Yes, we can't chage the world....but for me, at least we can make a difference...there are some people out there who always condemnened me when I said that I don't want a plastic bag to put my things whenever I shopped...For them, it's nothing..but to me, it means a lot...for me, that is my small contribution towards saving our planet...but there are certain people who really didn't care..they said, if it's only me who are doing this, it will not going to make any difference...but trust me..if u do it...then, people will follow u...why don't u start with influencing ur family members to join u...for starting, try to lower the usage of plastic bags at your home...and try to use the biodegradable plastic bags for your garbage...remember, at least we try to do somethings for our planet...not just sitting there and doing nothing but complain...rite...???

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