10 Things That I Should Be Grateful For...  

Posted by: Nurul

Inspite of all the bad things that ever happened to me, I still felt that I have been lucky in many ways...

  1. I was born with all limbs intact
  2. I'm in a good health
  3. I had a good education
  4. I have a great family
  5. I have wonderful friends around me
  6. I have a car that can bring me to any places I want
  7. I have a place to call 'home'
  8. I have hundreds of cute pets, including cats and terrapins
  9. I have been through a lot of wonderful experiences and I'm ready to make more sweet memories through science and nature
  10. I have a blog to share my thoughts and feeling with others
So, I wish to repay the happy good life that I have had through service to the community...I want to help others who are in need so that they can feel good about themselves and their lifes...That's the beauty of life...It will be more beautiful if U can share it with others.... =)

Sarang hae...!!!

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