Too lazy to cook..??  

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this recipe is the easiest and require only the basic things at ur home..i always do this whenever i feel like eating, but too lazy to cook...

(Biskut telur bodoh...if translated into English, it will be the Stupid Egg's Biscuit...haha...)


4 pieces of cream crackers (i always use the Hup Seng cream crackers)
1 egg
onion (1 or 2...anyway u like...)
3 tablespoon of cooking oil


crushed the crackers...(u don't hv to use 'lesung batu'...use ur hands only...hehe) in another bowl, chopped the union and mixed it with the egg...add some salt and pepper...then, pour the crushed crackers into the bowl and mixed them well...if u find it too hard, just add some water to the mixture...heat the pan and fry ur BTB...then, served it with chilli sauce...

i love it with a cup of hot coffee...yummy...!!!

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interesting recipe!
would love to try this ... thanks for sharing! :)

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