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ytd when i was doing my work at pgc, one of my housemate entered the room with tears in her eyes...we were wondering why she was crying...she was supposed to be at home at that time bcoz she had left about 30 minutes before...

then we found out that she has been robbed on the way home...the theif ran away with her bag...she lost her purse with RM40 in it, her handphone, and my other friend's purse that happened to be in her bag, two pendrives and a book..she said she didn't care about the money, but the most important thing was the 'minit mesyuarat' in the book...and also the book that she borrowed from one of the staff in UMT...

we were sooo pissed off with the culprit who took away her bag...luckily my housemate didn't fell off her bike when the b****** snatched away her bag...i was thinking, how can a 'human' do that...??? does he ever think of what he do...??

if he could even think for one second, he would not do that kind of thing...if he could imagine the same thing happened to his family members or loved ones, would he do that...?? i just can't accept that a human can do that...before this i only heard it from the news or read it on the papers...but now, it hapenned to someone closed to me...i was wondering, how a person can live his/her life like that...??being cursed by others...?? live on the hardship of other people...??

i was just there any kindness left in the world we live today..??

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