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i went to kelantan last friend wanted to go we thought that we could send her and at the same time, 'jalan-jalan' around kelantan (and do a lot of shopping, of course...hehe...)

talking 'bout shopping, (that's my speciality...hehe...) kelantan is the shopping paradise for has a lot of shopping spots that offer various things at very reasonable prices, esp for tudung, kain ela, pyjamas (my favourite..), and many more...

my favourite shopping spot is the place called 'wakaf che' yeh'...there, u can find a lot of things, esp clothes and food...the price is also very very reasonable...and if u bring a local friend with u, u can get the price even lower (of course, they will give lower price for locals...but u hv to do the bargaining first la...) there are a lot more shopping spots, like rantau panjang, pengkalan kubor, and pasar siti khadijah...

we went to rantau panjang and kb mall...i bought some very beautiful artifical flowers, 2 pyjamas, a spongebob figurine and a comforter ( comforter and pyjamas again...) total up all those things, i was surprise bcoz all of the things only cost me RM95..!!! (that's why i call it shopping paradise..u could go with only RM50 and brought back sooo many's worth for money especially for those who always 'broke' like me...)

these are some pictures of us in klantan...

what i had for lunch..

and this..

hmm...i wanted to buy this..but i'm not sure to buy it for me or my cousin...hehe

unique, rite...??? i wonder if i can buy it for my wedding...haha..

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