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have u ever heard about orthodontics...?? or braces...?? i find it quite trendy these days...even celebrities like misha omar, nana AF, and aliff OIAM hv their braces on..well, i myself hv undergo the onthodontics treatment for one and a half yr (due to my bad habit during childhood days..) i have crooked teeth (or 'jongang' in malay...) so, during my schooldays, there are lots of people critisizing on my looks...esp my teeth..and i really really hate to smile bcoz it wil show my crooked teeth...

so, there are some people who always making fun of me and my teeth going around, telling others about how 'jongang' my teeth are ( life's cruel..isn't it...??) even my best fren at that time (she 'was' my best fren back then...) told me that i hv 'jongang' teeth..that's why i can't even close my mouth properly...she even mimicked how i looked like when i closed my mouth...i was sooo ashamed at that time bcoz she told this in front of other people while we're in a van on d way to school.. (that's why she 'was' my bestfriend...)

but now, with the help of some experts, i feel more confident to smile...in fact, i want to smile all the time, bcoz i never had the opportunity to do that a long time ago...i'm happy with my teeth now...i really really thanked the person who invented this treatment bcoz he/she has given the hope to people like me...helping us to gain our confidence back and smile to the world....so...smile...!! =)

for those who wants to know more about the orthodontics, u can log on to:

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